Torre del Mar is a municipality on the Malaga coast located in the geographical area of the Municipality of Vélez-Málaga, located in the region of La Axarquía, in the province of Málaga. Torre del Mar is characterized by the environmental quality and extension of its magnificent beaches, as well as by its promenade, a meeting point for many visitors, as well as local residents. At present, Torre del Mar is a tourist, commercial and leisure enclave, whose gastronomic offer linked to the ‘pescaíto’ is part of numerous gastronomic guides. The village has 21.980 inhabitants. The name Torre del Mar comes from a lookout tower built defensively in the tenth or eleventh century, during the Muslim occupation of southern Spain.

Although the tourism sector is the main productive sector of the municipality, Vélez-Málaga it is followed by agriculture, which stands out for the production of subtropical crops such as mango, custard apple and, above all, avocado. In addition, in the Port of La Caleta, it moors the largest fishing fleet in the province.



Points of Interest Torre del Mar

  • Aquavelis Parque Acuático;
  • Beach Torre del Mar; click here for more information and pictures
  • Sugar Museum; the Sugar Museum was inaugurated in 2014, and pays homage to the famous sugar factory owned by the Larios family, which once was the economic engine of the town
  • Lighthouses; the lighthouses of Torre del Mar, which in reality are three. Due to the retreat of the coast line the oldest one has been sandwiched between the apartment buildings and another next to the current one has left its function to the most modern which dates back to the decade of the 70.
  • Torre Manganeta; the tower is located at the mouth of the Vélez River, in the area of the Toscanos and dates back to the 16th century. It is of Arab origin and was lookout tower, used for surveillance of the coast and is listed as an Asset of Cultural Interest Historical heritage of Spain.


  • Toro de Osborne de Torre del Mar & Peñón del Toro: hiking route that goes to the top where the bull is places; click here for the route (Spanish)
  • La Casa Larios; Casa Larios is located in Torre Del Mar. This town was built at the end of the 19th century, when the “Ingenuio Azucarero de Nuestra Señora del Carmen” was built in Torre del Mar. The house that was the home of the Factory Engineer and also offices for the staff, is surrounded by a beautiful garden with centuries-old trees. Today it is the headquarters of the mayor’s office.
  • Villa Mercedes; villa of the late nineteenth century, located on Paseo Larios, and which is currently privately owned.
  • Casa de Las Palmeras; The villa was privately owned, was used as a bar and was in poor condition. Finally, it was acquired by the municipality of Vélez-Málaga in order to use it as a tourist office. After the restoration, the villa is in good condition, although it lacks a palm tree. In the offices of the upper floor, you can see some beautiful original hydraulic mosaic floors, and interesting paintings on the ceiling that have been restored.
  • Necrópolis fenicia de Jardín;  The Garden Necropolis is one of the largest Western Phoenician cemeteries. It is located on the western shore of the Vélez River, about 300 m. north of Toscanos, on the side of a hill that was inside an old bay. In general it has been dated between the sixth and fourth centuries BC, although the oldest phases are the best known. The place was very damaged making terraces for agriculture use. Today the hill has almost completely disappeared and the site it occupied is converted into cultivation terraces in which there are still remains of
    sarcophagi and ceramic.



Festivities Torre del Mar

  • Festival Aéreo Internacional Torre del Mar
  • Weekend Beach Festival Torre del Mar




Photo Gallery Torre del Mar



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