Salares is situated 34 km north east from Vélez Malaga and can be reached by taking the A-356 from Vélez and the MA125. In 1877 the village, which is situated at 571 meter, had more than 1100 inhabitants, but nowadays only 175! It has very nice small streets, which you can enter mainly by foot. When walking in the village you imagine yourself walking in the past. In contrast to Frigiliana you will not see any tourists, but old women talking on the street. It is very quiet you can hear only the wind and in one part a Belgium radio ;).

After exploring the village you can take a drink in one of the two bars the village has. One of the bars, “Meson Los Arcos” is organizing gaguided tour through the village for €8. Apart from the splendid mountainous landscapes that surround it and the beauty of the town as a whole, the most interesting is the local church, especially for its Mudejar style minaret, which is the remain of the old mosque. It has been declared as Historic Artistic National Monument in the year 1.979 and its construction dates from the sixteenth century. As other points of interest you can visit the ovens of the Moors, the Arab bridge and the mountains of Sierra de Almijara (Natural Park).


Photo Gallery Salares



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