The beach has a lot of flowers at the side and is united with the beach Playa de la Alberquilla and divided by the ruins of the Torre del Río del Miel. Its name is due to the ruins of what was once a paper factory known as El Molino de Papel. The river La Miel and the Arroyo de los Colmenarejos flow into it by a small pool. You enter the beach by taking a detour to the right 300 meters after sign km 298 of the N-340. The old road goes down until an information board, here you can park your car. From this point you can take a trail or continue the road down until you reach the Paper Mill where you turn to the right descending to the beach.


The beach is about 400 meters long by 15 meters wide. The beach has dark sand and gravel of a medium grain. The waves are generally moderate. The beach does not have any facilities. It is a virgin beach.



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