This village is no more than two centuries old and originating from a eighteenth-century bar/restaurant that served as a stop for those who were making a trip between Malaga and Granada. This building is also the most outstanding to visit, which is kept in good condition. Along with this you can find the Church of San José, being the most remarkable in its antiquity, while it was built in the sixteenth century. The village and its surrounding are popular with foreigners; 40% of the inhabitants of this munipality have European nationality. With this information, La Viñuele is located at the second place where the percentage of foreigners is the largest, in the province of Malaga.

Other singular buildings existing in the municipality are the hermitage of the Virgen de las Angustias and an oil mill of the 19th century. La Viñuela has also  three archaeological sites, one on the hill of the “asperones”, another in the “castillejos” and a third in the “taller de herrera“. There is a spring of medicinal waters in the nearby source of Chiliano, and finally the highlight of La Viñuela reservoir, determining the landscape of this municipality.

Points of interest

  • The streets of the village
  • Church of San José
  • Lake Viñuela

Photo Gallery


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